1900s: Five-Card Stud Poker Gets Popular

As time went on, poker continued to gain popularity among Americans, particularly during the Wild West era, and saloons in nearly every city had at least one poker table in the back. This was just another lure for cowboys and ranch hands, in addition to the “girls” who acted as hostesses and entertainment for the cowboys and other patrons of the bar. This popularity only increased during the American Civil War as new variations were born including straight, draw, and stud poker. It was during this time that the game of 5-card stud poker was created, and it became the most widely played game for almost a century. In 1910, betting games were declared illegal by the state of Nevada. However, the Attorney General asserted that draw poker was solely based on skill, and therefore couldn’t be outlawed by anti-gambling laws. So while stud poker went into hiding, draw poker continued to grow in popularity, which caused Nevada to revoke their anti-gambling laws in 1931. With no anti-gambling laws to hinder it, 5-card stud poker gained popularity once again.

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